Ex-Pex plus / Explosimeter

Ex-Pex plus is the detector designed to guarantee personal safety in working conditions where there is a risk due to the presence of toxic gases (O2, CO, H2S) or hydrocarbons (CH4, C3H8 detected in LEL scale).

Ex-Pex plus can also be configured for gas leakage (CH4e / or C3H8) using a flexible probe connected to the instrument, with a sensor on top of the tip.

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Laser One / Leak detector

Professional team to detect and locate gas leaks, selective and does not need sensor. Suitable for locating leaks in ground and air pipes.

The instrument can be used for better quantification of CH4 (methane) emissions from landfills and also has excellent results with biogas losses in biogas installations thanks to high precision laser technology.

Equipped with GPS and Bluetooth antenna to transfer data from the instrument to PC or laptop.

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Metrex 2 / Leak detector

Professional detector for the pre-location, location and classification of gas leaks. It is easy to use and has an intuitive use for technicians.

It has automatic scale and calibration CH4 and / or C3H8, available with bluetooth.

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Odorgas / Odorizing Meter

Odorgas is a portable instrument, ideal for measuring the odorant in gas networks, fast and reliable.

The instrument can be configured to measure THT and is available in versions with and without pump.

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Rivelgas Plus / Gas detector

Hand equipment with suction pump to detect gas leaks (CH4 and C3H8) in overhead pipes, accessories etc.

It can be configured for personal safety when combined with toxic gas sensors such as O2, CO and H2S and activate the LEL scale for CH4, C3H8 sensors.

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Rivelgas Combi with Probes / Gas detector

Rivelgas Combi is used to find and locate gas leaks in underground networks, to detect leaks in exposed and surface pipes.

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Protheo IR / Gas detector

Gas leak detection system with the principle of infrared laser diode selectable ultra sensitive.

It can be installed in different types of vehicles and customizable for your needs.

The system is managed and controlled by computers, and equipped with GPS, together with the various computer programs of our development, it allows us to automate the compilation of reports linked to business cartography.

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Identification plates 140x100

Identification plates for gas lines 140X100


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Identification plates 200x140

Plates for the identification gas lines. Measure plate 200x140 cms


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Inserts placas

Inserts, numbers and letters 40 mm

Inserts, numbers and letters 40 mm


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Inserts placas

Inserts, numbers and letters 25 mm

Inserts, numbers and letters 25 mm


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Novap 2000, gas pipe repairman

Novap 2000 is a system for sealing gas leaks in pipes, without the need to disassemble or completely replace the pipe.


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Compresor Novap

Novap injection compressor

Compressor for the injection of the Novap 2000 into the gas pipes.


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